Wardrobes: What Does Size Matter?

When it comes to wardrobes one of the most important things to get right is the size. You can debate all day long whether you want shelves or drawers to be built in but you cannot get away with buying a single wardrobe when what you actually need is a quad. On this page we go into a little more detail on what is on offer from the narrow Langley Pine Single to the massive Oakland Quad Wardrobe and many in between. By the end of this guid you will have a little more idea what is on offer and how much space it will take up.

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Single Wardrobes (1 Door)

If you think that all single door wardrobes are the same then let us show you how wrong you can be. Even with one door there can be difference that must be taken into account before buying. We have chosen three wardrobes that will demonstrate exactly why you need to take a careful look at the size before buying.

Chantilly White Single Wardrobe

The best painted white single wardrobe is without double the Chantily White Single Wardrobe. While not the narrowest single it is perfect for those who either like white furniture or are looking for a bit more space in a room with white furniture.

As you can see from the picture it is to a design much like wardrobes of old with the only exception being its white looks.

This most elegant full hanging wardrobe is 190cms tall by 80cms wide and 58cms deep and has a total weight of 69.20kgs. It is part assembled on delivery purely to make life easy. It is still a very solid wardrobe once bolted together.

The Chantily White furniture range is one of the best and is our favourite white painted furniture range. Check out the chest of drawers and other items as they can all be purchased along with this unit.

Double Wardrobes (2 Doors)

Berrington Pine Gents Double Wardrobe

For those looking for a wide double the Berrington Pine Gents Double is just the thing. At 112cms wide this has real width as well as a darkened wood look that will add a touch of class to your bedroom.

With ample space behind its double doors this unit offers the kind of stable storage you need with the looks you want. We include this wardrobe because it is a great example of a wardrobe with a combination of good storage volume as well as looks.

The overall dimensions are 195cms tall by 112cms wide and 58cms deep and has a total weight of 70kgs when empty. It has wooden handles and is given a protective wooden coating to help with the look and protect the pine wood.

Check out the other items in the Berrington Pine range as there are a number of other items to go with this wardrobe – these include beds, bedside tables and a number of drawer chests.

Triple Wardrobes (3 Doors)

Arlington Cream Triple Wardrobe

Arlington Cream Triple WardrobeFor those who like their wardrobes painted there is the most beautiful Arlington Cream triple which offers all the storage you need with the looks that you want. It is equipped with a hanging rail throughout as well as two wide drawers in the base.

The cream paint gives this wardrobe a lovely look which is what we particularly like but it also has an ideal level of storage. A waxed and lacquered finish helps add to the look as well as protect the wood.

At 193cms tall by 157cms wide and 58cms deep this wardrobe will be the centrepiece to any bedroom. A weight of 101.5kgs just goes to show how solid the wood is that forms this unit.

As well as a double equivalent there are also a couple of bedroom sets in this style although you can also buy chest of drawers, beds, bedside tables and other items individually if you wish. We particularly think the Arlington Cream 3+2 Chest of drawers is the perfect match for this wardrobe.

Quad Wardrobes (4 Doors)

Chantily White Quad Wardrobe

When your storage needs are large the quad wardrobe steps in to save the day. This the Chantilly White Quad Wardrobe is a fantastic example of just how good they can get. Made of solid painted wood this four-drawer wardrobe offers not just hanging rail storage but internal shelves as well.

The central two doors open up to reveal the hanging rail as you would expect but it is behind the left and right doors where this wardrobe really proves worthy. Both offer the choice of either handing rails or internal shelves.

This quad wardrobe is 190cms tall by 224cms wide and 58cms wide with a total weight of 168.5kgs before you put anything in it. Due to the weight and size it is delivered part assembled with final assembly being down in your room of choice.

When you consider the size and storage capacity with the white wood look, the lovely metals handles and the combination of storage options we have no hesitation in recommending this unit.