Best Place to Buy a Wardrobe?

Go back far enough in time and most things were bought by going to a shop. This was the case with the weekly shop, it was the case with buying new clothes and it was even the case if you wanted to buy a wardrobe. Now in the 21st century it is fair to say that things have changed especially since the creation and wide spread adoption of the internet. Many things are now bought over the internet and delivered directly to your door. The millennial out there know of nothing else. This can be extremely useful especially if what you are buying is a 150kg solid wood wardrobe.

Once you understand that the internet is the best place to buy a wardrobe you are met with a number of further questions. Which one of the many online retailers do I use to buy my new wardrobe. Before you even ask the question of do you buy oak or pine or what design of wardrobe do you need you are faced with just finding a trustworthy website. That is where this page of our site comes in.

On this page we will go through some of the most important questions about buying a wardrobe online and recommending the company we feel are the best online retailer (The Cotswold Company). We have used them ourselves and know how good they are and on here we aim to go through with you all the questions you need to ask and why we feel the Cotswold Company are the best choice.

Why Buy Wardrobes Online?

We start with what is probably the most important question. We say you should buy online but why? Well there are multiple reasons why you should buy online which combine to make a very compelling case.

Free Delivery

Unlike the good old days of the high street furniture store these days online stores are able to cover a much wider area. They can sell to a much wider customer base helping them to bring down their delivery costs. They pass this onto the customer by offering free delivery. The Cotswold company offer free delivery on orders over £500 with the option to upgrade to a weekend or evening for a small fee. You can also order a smaller delivery window again at a small fee. Of course that is totally up to you.


Another benefit of larger online retailers is that they can offer the wardrobes at a more affordable price. This once again goes down to selling more but making a smaller profit on each model. The very fact they are sold online allows for a lower price which in turn keeps the sales coming in and so on. As well as increased sales a centralized warehouse and head office means lower overheads and that again leads to a more affordable wardrobe.

More Choice

Your old high street shop would have been able to stock a handful of wardrobes. The more wardrobes the more space they needed and the higher their overheads. With online retailers they can store them much more efficiently because they simply need to store them; not have people walking around them all day. The larger warehouses mean that more models and designs can be offered without increasing costs per unit. The increased designs means increased sales and this in turn means larger profits. It is simple accounting really.

Limited or No Local Furniture Stores

The final reason for buying online is because there simply are not the high street retailers around anymore. You don’t really have any choice but then if you did have a choice wouldn’t you go for the option that gave you more wardrobes to choose from at cheaper prices and with free delivery? I know I would; and I did.


Are the Wardrobes Pre-Assembled?

The wardrobes sold by The Cotswold Company are part assembled. This means that some construction is required. This is basically just the bolting of sections together using bolts and Allan keys. If the wardrobe comes with additional drawers in the base then the drawer section comes pre-assembled. You just bolt the wardrobes panels on top. Instructions are provided but it is very straight forward although a second pair of hands is always useful.

Wardrobes are not delivered fully assembled due to the size and weight.

Can I Get Other Bedroom Furniture to Match the Wardrobe?

You most certainly can in fact we would recommend it. My son has the Langley Pine Single Bed as well as a Langley Pine chest of drawers and two wardrobes. Actually my wife and I use one of the wardrobes. One day when my daughter is old enough for her first bed guess what we are getting her? Yep a Langley Pine Single Bed like her brother.

For those who can afford it matching furniture is a must. Any wardrobes you see recommended on this site come with a whole range of items from beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers, dressing tables and some even have blanket boxes. The end result is an awesome looking bedroom.

Can You Really Get Solid Wardrobes Online?

All of the wardrobes that we recommend are through The Cotswold Co and they are all solid wood. There is no MDF used in these wardrobes. In my opinion MDF is fake wood, it is a false economy. You will end up paying more in the long run for what is cheap and nasty furniture. It is much better to buy wardrobes that cost a little more but are made from solid oak or pine – every wardrobe we recommend is solid wood.

More About The Cotswold Company

The Cotswold Company is in our opinion the best online retailer of wardrobes and all bedroom furniture. As we have said multiple times we have bought from them and we have the furniture to prove it. It solid, durable, good looking and well priced. Finally what more do you need to know than the furniture has survived my children. If you knew them that would be all the recommendation you need.

Check out The Cotswold Company

Home Delivery

There are a number of options that are available when arranging delievry. These include picking a date and time for delivery including Saturdays and weekday evenings, picking the room of choice, having the packaging removed and even the option to have the wardrobe assembled for you. For more information on the many delivery options – click here. (Note: these are on orders over £500)


One of the very best things about The Cotswold Company is that they offer finance on orders over £500. That means that you can spread the cost over the years that you have the wardrobes (Well some of the years). Take for example the Burford Triple Wardrobe. Instead of paying around £700 you could pay around £20 a month making it affordable to anyone. It makes quality furniture available to anyone and not just the well off.

Please Note: The repayment depends on the price of the wardrobe/furniture and the number of years.