Best Wardrobe Design Guide

One of the most important considerations to make when looking to buy a new wardrobe is the design. While many will look at the type of wood used or the size of wardrobe the design can be the all important factor. In this guide we will go through a number of different designs looking at why each one may be your preferred choice. There is no best design; it really depends on your particular needs.

Wardrobe Designs: What to Consider?

In order to get the maximum amount of storage for the best possible price it is important to understand exactly what your exact storage needs are. We have talked on another post about the need to maximize bedroom storage of which the wardrobe is a key component. Only when you know what storage you need can you work out the best way to design your bedroom and what exact design of wardrobe you need.

Hanging Rail Requirements

What are your hanging rail requirements? I bet you have never been asked that before right? It is not only a good question but it is a vital question. The answer to this question can determine exactly what design you need. It is actually got a lot more to do with the size of your wardrobe but the design can have an impact.

If you require a triple wardrobe you can for example get a design where the hanging rail runs right from one side to the other behind all three doors. Others can only run behind two of the doors with shelving behind the third.

I could do with a triple wardrobe with hanging rail storage throughout. I have t-shirts and trousers that are stuffed in but I lack the space. I have a double wardrobe and a chest of drawers and looking back at it now I perhaps should have got the triple with drawers in the base but you live and learn. It shows you though how the design can make or break your bedroom.

Drawer and Shelf Storage

As I have said above getting a triple wardrobe with drawers can save you the need for a separate chest of drawers and often they come with shelves as well. A good example of this is the Chester Grey Quad Wardrobe.

Chester Grey Quad Wardrobe with Drawers and ShelvesActually lets stop for a second to take a look at this fantastic wardrobe. This wardrobe offers you everything that you could want. It has three drawers in the base, shelving behind the left and right doors and hanging rail storage behind the middle two doors.

Now this is every bit as big a wardrobe as you would expect with a total width of 200.2cms. That is over 2 meters wide. On the face of it you may thing that it is too big. There would be no space for any other furniture but you would be wrong. Think about it. You have drawers and shelves. Who needs a chest of drawers if you have all that storage built into the wardrobe?

If you are interested in this quad wardrobe then you should know that it is 156.6Kgs in weight and has dimensions of 195cms tall by 200.2cms wide and 58cms deep. It is part assembled and needs building but that is purely for ease of delivery and placement. You fancy carrying this thing up the stairs?

Space Available

When planning your bedroom an important factor is the space you have available. It is easy enough to buy furniture for a large master bedroom with loads of space but what about the smaller spare room, children’s bedroom or guest room? By working out what space is available you can use it along with your needs and budget to help you decide on the correct unit for you.

One important thing to remember when on the subject of space it to remember how smart furniture can help you. What do we mean by smart furniture? Well a wardrobe with drawers in the base is smart furniture, a tallboy chest of drawers which is all height and very little width; and a thin single wardrobe that can slot into the leftover gaps would all be smart furniture.

Langley Pine Single Full Hanging Wardrobe

If you need lots of drawer storage you could combine the drawers in the base of the wardrobe with the drawers from a tallboy unit. A tallboy unit may be all you can fit in. It could be that instead of a triple with drawers two two door wardrobes may be more appropriate. You can begin to see how the different elements all come together to provide you with a solution to your bedroom furniture needs.


Your budget can also come into it. If you are limited in what you can spend then only certain ranges of furniture and in particular wardrobes will be available to you. This can limit your choices. You could for example want a the Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe for its hanging space, internal shelves and additional drawers. It is a lovely wardrobe after all but you may not be able to afford it and so as an alternative you may need to go for the Langley Pine Triple Wardrobe which comes in at two thirds the price. (Pine wardrobes are normally cheaper than oak). This makes it more likely to be within budget and it is still a great wardrobe but it doesn’t have the internal shelves. This is a consideration that needs to be made.


Different Wardrobe Designs

Full Hanging Wardrobes
Wardrobes with Drawers
Wardrobes with Shelves
Wardrobes with Drawers and Shelves