Best Priced (Solid Wood) Wardrobes

Welcome to my guide to what I believe to be the best priced wardrobes available and exactly why I think they are the best priced. Before I get into some examples I want to clarify exactly what I mean by solid wood and exactly why I am only including this type of wardrobe.

Types of Wooden Wardrobe

As I see it there are two major types of wooden wardrobes available. These are solid wood and MDF. MDF which stands for Medium Density Fiberboard is in my opinion something to be avoided. Not because it is dangerous or harmful in any way but just because it doesn’t in my opinion create a quality wardrobe.

The World of Wardrobes is about quality and thus MDF is simply no good. Whenever we talk about wardrobes on this site we are talking about solid wood which is the reason why everything is so heavy but it is also the reason they will last you for years without falling over.

The drawers within many wardrobes is a particular annoyance of mine. In an MDF unit the drawers are these pathetic thin boards that sag the moment you put anything heavier than some boxer shorts on it. While this does produce cheaper furniture it really is a false economy and should be avoided.

Difference Between Flat Packed and Part Assembled

When we are talking about the quality of furniture you will often hear the term ‘flat packed‘ and part assembled. These are two of the most common ways to describe how the wardrobe arrives. This is because fully assembled solid wood wardrobes are not very common.

Think about it for a second. If you take a look at the Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe you can see why it isn’t delivered fully assembled. It is 202cms tall by 163cms wide and 57cms deep and weighs in at 140.5 Kgs. This thing is colossal. Can you imagine trying to carry that up the stairs; even if your stairs and first floor landing were large enough to maneuver the thing it would take half a dozen men to carry that. It is just not possible.

The solution is that it comes in sections that need to be bolted together. If the unit comes with drawers these are often pre-assembled. They come almost like a chest of drawers. You then bolt the side panels, back panel and front doors on before bolting the top on. It takes two people but is far easier.

The important thing to remember is that even solid wardrobes come part assembled. Once assembled they are so solid they might as well be pre-assembled. The bolts are large and the unit is strong enough to withstand anything your bedroom can throw at it. It is very important you do not mix these up with the cheap MDF flat packed rubbish.

Best Priced (Solid Wood) Wardrobes

To keep things nice an organised (I like that) I am showing what I believe to be the best priced wardrobes in size order starting with two single wardrobes before looking at doubles and triples. Remember while these are slightly cheaper than other models they are not ‘cheap’ as such. They are the ‘best priced’ wardrobes which could also be described as value for money – not cheap. Remember they aren’t that cheap flat packed rubbish.

Single Wardrobes

I have chosen two single wardrobes for a couple of reasons. Firstly they are the lowest priced wardrobes- remember I am not saying cheap 🙂  And secondly they each offer something a little different.

Langley Pine Single Full Hanging Wardrobe

Langley Pine Single Full Hanging WardrobeThe first is the wonderfully slim Langley Pine Single Wardrobe which at 56cms wide can fit into tight gaps that other wardrobes would be jealous of. I include this because if you are limited on space it is most likely because you already have furniture in place. If that is the case you may not have a bundle of cash to spend so you need to be sure that whatever you buy is good value for money. This most definitely is.

What I find is that the single door wardrobe offers something much different to doubles or triples. They either offer extra storage in a room that already has a wardrobe or they are needed for a room with low storage requirements – something like a guest room. The Langley Pine Single is most definitely that extra wardrobe.


The pine wood is solid and the bolts are long which is the perfect combination so it doesn’t matter that the unit is narrow.

Oakland Single Wardrobe

The alternative to the Langley Pine model is the Oakland Single Wardrobe which comes with an additional drawer. Now the Langley Pine’s narrow design made it perfect for tight gaps in bedrooms that already have a wardrobe; the Oakland model is wider (19cms wider) and is the perfect one door wardrobe for rooms that need low levels of storage – a good example is a child’s bedroom or a guest room.

One of the best things about this unit is that it is made from oak which is well known for being strong not saying that pine isn’t. It is delivered part assembled as you would expect and is a total of 69kgs which is heavier than most people. Solid wood does have a large weight to it. It is 198cms tall by 75cms and 58cms deep.

Finally the drawer in the base is made from the same wood and comes with a solid drawer. It will not hold a massive amount but this is a single wardrobe after all.

This is slightly more expensive than the Langley Pine Single but it comes with a drawer and is made from Oak which is usually more expensive. All things considered this is still a very well priced wardrobe that should be carefully considered.

Double Wardrobes

Burford Painted Ladies Double Wardrobe

Burford Painted Ladies Double Wardrobe - Inside ViewOne of the very finest full hanging doubles is the Burford Painted Ladies Double which as you can see from the picture is simple in design but it does exactly what you need. It is a painted white unit that has two doors that open up on to nothing but a hanging rail. There are no shelves or drawers in this unit but what you do get is over a meter of hanging rail which should be more than enough to hang up all your finest clothes.

If for whatever reason this is not enough then why not upgrade to the Burford Painted Triple which is also available. This is much larger and comes with additional drawers and shelves.

We have included this two door unit for a simple reason; it is a great example of a solid full hanging wardrobe. It is in effect the origianl design before wardrobes and drawer chests were combined. We love the combined designs but sometimes what you need is just hanging space – thats what this unit gives you all while looking clean and fresh.

Short Spec
Dimensions – 182cms (H), 100.5cms (W), 50cms (D)
Weight – 64kgs
Finish: Painted
Type: Double Full Hanging

Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe


Triple Wardrobes

WHen it comes to our triple wardrobes they have again been selected because not only are they great examples of the best priced triple wardrobes but they offer a great example of the varying designs of wardrobes.

Mottisford Painted Triple Wardrobe

Langley Pine Triple Wardrobe